Always inadvertently from our fingertips. We can only grasp the memory, including the sad, the past. We always need some pain to remember, and some scars to prove that we are too young. After walking for a long time in my memory, your appearance is still so clear, but why does my heart ache! You used to occupy my whole youth. Once the years have been leisurely away, but also take away our once. Time is the most merciless thing in the world, because it will slowly wipe out everything, even the vows of eternal love. At the same time, it is the best healing medicine in the world. One day it will heal all wounds. Thinking about the past, who came to the sea with white sails? Thin memory, by whom? I can't keep up with you, or you didn't pay attention to me. So you go so simply, without any nostalgia. I really don't know who broke my dream. It's still so irresistible. I can only sit in the night melancholy, the source of tears is the dream out. Go for a walk in the middle of the night. Midnight street, few, the last bus has already left, in the late night wind, who is crying, who said to wait for me under the lamp, kiss her eyes dry tears? The dusk light is shining on my shadow, my back hand, walking in the tuyere, so big city, the only thing left is the cold wind, the bass of the minibus occasionally passes my heart, in the pain of hugging, less than a trace. I thought that I had grown up fearless, and I thought that I would never regret the hard road, but I never thought that I was so unbearable at the moment. I have always been a person who is not good at keeping me, so when you leave, I can only lock my love between my eyes and my eyebrows, but you never notice. Who is keeping those flowers? Let the light fragrance, the pain of heart. Tear up the mood, butterflies flutter, I can't see myself. In the melancholy wind, who and whose whispers are scattered, only the shadow is with me. Hold hands tightly, who engraves your name on my heart stele, just like the hatred of inscription bone, every time I think of it, I always shudder. Pain wake up in this heavy night, the moon is better than water, I can bear the call, has not dared to call. It's rain or tears. I cry for breath in the falling splash wind. It's like mud. I love wandering in this lonely and painful road. From then on, I always walk in the rain with an indescribable mood, always have a special love for the gray stars. I am a leaf obliterated by your back and unable to breathe, falling gently